Edge-to-Edge Quilting Service - Looped Flowers2

Edge-to-Edge Quilting Service - Looped Flowers2

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Is this “the one”? Have you found the perfect edge-to-edge (pantograph) design for putting the finishing touches on your quilt? 

This design quilted on your quilt is $0.02 per square inch.

You are making a deposit for digital edge-to-edge longarm quilting service. 

When selecting this edge-to-edge quilting design for purchase it is not to purchase the design but rather to put a deposit down on Grace Elizabeth’s quilting service. And this specific design is the design that will be quilted on your quilt. 

Your quilt will be quilted on a computerized Bernina longarm machine using high quality, high performance, professional grade thread by Superior Thread. 

Once the quilt is quilted, an invoice will be emailed for the total cost of the quilting service and any additional charges. The $50 deposit will go towards those fees. i.e. if the quilting service charge is $150, $50 is subtracted and your remaining balance would be $100. 


After your deposit has been made you will need to complete the “Order Form for Quilting Service.” This google form will gather all the detailed information needed to quilt your quilt such as thread color and more.  

Pricing Estimate

Pricing for our quilting service is based on the square inches of your quilt top.

Length ____________ X  Width ____________ = ___________sq inches

Cost Estimate:  (.017 or .02 or .025) x Sq Inches =  __________   (there is a $50 minimum fee)

e.g.    65" x 80" = 5,200 sq inches         $.02 x 5,200 = $104.00

OR - use our Quilting Service Quote Calculator  available online >>>

QUESTIONS? Check out “About Longarm Quilting Service” and “FAQs about Quilting Service”. If your questions are still not answered, please don’t hesitate to contact me (Sonya) at 402-910-8085 or info@graceelizabeths.com.